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The TEAC A-4010-GSL is a reel to reel deck in the tape deck category. It was manufactured from 1973 to unknown.

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  • stand alone pre-amp - James Goode on 2010-04-16 06:57:10

    I have the preamplifier section of an a-4010 GSL which I would like to use as a stand alone pre-amp. How do I connect it to an AC line? It still has the wires coming off the circuit boards: on one side, there are two wires (both black), and on the other, 10, all different colors. I assume the two black wires go to a power supply, but I\'m wondering if they need to go through a transformer before going to an AC line. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.

    James Goode (2010-04-16 06:57:10)

    Is this SF James Goode?

    If so, this is Morgan! Weird to find you here.

    I\'ve been building a couple mic pre kits lately and saw your query.

    All 4 mic pres or do you have or just one of them? I imagine the power supply for the tape deck would be shared by all operations of the thing so it would reside aside from the mic pres. That would mean you need to get a properly rated power supply. Maybe there are some tech specs online. These things are going for 40 bux for parts online anyway, so it wouldn\'t be worth it really, you could just buy a whole tape deck.

    Are these pres considered any good?

    How are things?

    James Goode (2012-03-29 23:10:09)

    Hey Morgan! Good to hear from you. When'll you be in SF again? Let me know. The preamp section of the 4010 GSL that I have has two preamps, not four. The tape transport has glass ferrite heads, which I've heard are better than the "normal" variety, so I imagine the preamps are decent. It's OK that it's unbalanced since I have lots of old microphones that would work fine with it...

  • Teac A-4010 GSL reel to reel - Fuzznuts on 2009-10-25 07:58:36

    I bought a new capstan belt BUT how do I install it???????/ This is driving me nuts. I have reels with a Sansui 500 reverb unit with great sound effects. And help? Thanks.

    edward hamline (2009-10-29 05:53:36)

    it is pertty e-z :1.pull back cover 2. you will see the motor and a round thang your belt goes from it to your motor.e-mail me for help if needed. yahoo

  • reels - Sheri Harris on 2008-08-11 19:33:49

    what size reels does the Teac A 4010 GSL used and where can they be purchased?

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